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How to get a reservation at Noma.

The Nordic blockbuster, NOMA is considered the most difficult reservation to get in the world. So, chances are you will not be able to get through. But, if you really want to make a reservation at Noma, work on it and it will happen.

After a few unsuccessful attempts during the previous months, I came up with a strategy to beat the odds and get the most anticipated reservation.

Noma's reservation system goes on, once a month and takes reservations for the month three months ahead. But, it does not take long for the system to be fully booked. Had a crew of twelve friends assisting in the reservation process. Two were on the phone and the rest of them on line.

The problem with the online reservation is that the system crashes once it is on. So you have to hit the refresh button like a mad person, until you get a page that has a calendar on it. However, even then, it is not certain you will get it. Don't think too much if you get to that point. Just grab one of the dates and book it. Because by the time you finish thinking about what time is good for you, it will not be available. Do all the thinking ahead and have everything written in a word file to copy paste if you manage to get through.

In my case one member of my team managed to beat the other candidates on the online reservation system for a lunch at Noma. None of the others ever got through.

So here are the instructions that they received:

"Monday the 2nd of April 2012 at 11 a.m. local time (10 am Danish time)

• This is considered the most difficult reservation in the world!
• 20,000 people will hit the phone and the internet on the specific time with you.
• At 11.00 am we will have approximately 30’ till all the days are booked.
• There are 2 ways to get a reservation:
1. Through phone, +45 3296 3297, which means put the number on Auto redial. If they answer, just tell them to give you any day any time they have, lunch or dinner for 2.
2. And through the online calendar.

During those minutes the website will probably go down and you will see a message that you have to try again, instead of the calendar. Which means hitting refresh (on the website) every second. If you manage to see the calendar, go straight to the month JULY.

Get familiar with the website before please. Start 5’ before 11 am.

Reservation Details:
Name of reservation: xxxxx
Email: xxxx
Telephone: xxxx
x people Lunch or Dinner any day any time!  
Credit card: Shout the minute you get through and I 'll give it to you!

If any of you manages to get through and make the reservation, gets dinner for 2 in a cool restaurant!"

You might think that all this is too much. It is. But a foodie's gotta do, what a foodie's gotta do!

And be prepared to pay a hefty lump sum (€320 per person with the cheapest wine) if you ever get there.

Check out the video of the visit to Noma here.

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