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Chef Anne Sophie Pic, Maison Pic, Valence - Fine Traveling
Chef Anne Sophie Pic
On the day of the visit, Anne Sophie came out of her kitchen to say hello to everyone in the restaurant and she greeted everyone with courtesy and attentiveness.

Anne Sophie Pic took Maison Pic, the restaurant she inherited from her father and grandfather, and kept it on top of the world. A true legend for her community, for her family and for her guests, the modest chef deserves everything that comes in her way.

Behind her petite figure, there seems to be a remarkable leader. On her way to the kitchen, she stopped for a minute to straighten the tray of a young waiter and she showed her attention to every single detail in her restaurant.

We asked her for a picture and she immediately rushed to the kitchen, only to return seconds later with a waiter to take a picture of us. Even when we said we could wait until later. But she insisted! She was so generous with her time, we felt very grateful for her effort. 

She seemed like a disciplined alpha female, who knows how to get what she wants. How can you resist this amazing woman?

Her restaurant has reached an ultimate quality, which is unsurpassed. Taking something simple and making it extraordinary. That is Anne Sophie Pic. No tricks just creating amazing food in sheer luxury.

Anne Sophie Pic's Work
Restaurant Maison Pic, Valence - Fine Traveling
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